How marketers are using LinkedIn to gain more than a new job!

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LinkedIn is a lot more than just gaining a new job, it is vital for business and marketers. It is a very powerful tool with alot of features that professionals do not know they exist. Especially for Business to Business marketing. It is not only about job seeking and making connections for professionals, it is a strategic marketing tool that businesses use to target specific groups of people with different types of content in order to build the awareness around the company.

It was established that 80% of professionals on LinkedIn sway the decision making at their establishments, this makes these professionals the right group to target with advertising through business to business.

When Marketers produce content and want it to be seen by users, they do not put up reams and reams of content they produce relevant content that the users will relate to and also will want to share to their other users. because these users hit the SHARE button, this will build a perception of the brand in these reader’s minds.


Sponsored Updates


This links with Sponsored Updates that companies can employ to share sponsored ads on the homes of these specific groups that the business feels that they want to target and also relate to.

After introducing the new Sale Navigator,this will allow marketing departments to be ahead of its competitors as it will departments to tap into trends building with particular groups they are targeting. for example when job titles change, blog and status updates and also press announcements will all be gathered into data that will allow the departments to get leads onto new areas and follow up on this leads.

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Social Media Platfroms


It is important that the sooner companies understand the full features of LinkedIn the sooner they will will be able to compete or even be a front runner in terms of competition. through the means of Sponsored Updates, Related content shared by specific groups and also getting Leads from these groups also will in turn boost the awareness positively in the minds of potential customers in Business to Business marketing.





Top 10 Tips for using Twitter to market your Irish SME

It is amazing the amount of people who don’t put any effort into their Twitter accounts. People view your account within seconds so it is imperative that the page displays accurate and adequate information that people will find interesting about your business.

Top Ten Tips




1. Listen

It is vital that you listen and follow what your potential customers are talking about and also following.







2. Goals

The business needs to have specific goals on Twitter. This would be what the company wants to receive from Twitter for example Industry trends, building awareness or directing traffic to the business’s website.




Twitter Handle



3.Brand Name in Twitter handle

Set up your account so that your brand name is in your Twitter handle  so that every time you interact with someone on twitter or tweet. People will then see your Business’s name in every tweet.




Less than 140 characters


4. Keep it within 140 Characters.

Twitter has a maximum word count of 140 characters so it is important to make it interesting and include links with videos and also photos also.






5. Hashtags

The use of Hashtags is vital in twitter as in every tweet in twitter uses a Hashtag so it is important to be ahead of competitors who use twitter.




Promoted Tweets


6. Promoted Tweets

You can promote your Tweets through ””.This directs your Tweets to users that you want them to reach. This is advertising on Twitter — the ad is just a Tweet!




twitter lists
Twitter Lists


7. Use Lists

This Lists feature allows you to create lists of users on particular topics and browse lists created by other people in order to discover new accounts to follow. This will help you connect with people who have a large audience on Twitter in your industry.





8. Give Quick Feedback

Giving your Twitter handle on all brochures and other material allows people to follow you on Twitter and allows them to interact with your business so therefore quick response and feedback to customers is very important in order to increase followers on twitter and build awareness.



9.Reward Followers

Twitter is great for sharing special offers and promotions. Reward your Twitter followers with ‘only on Twitter’ deals. This can be as simple as, “Show us this Tweet in-store and receive  10% discount, this weekend only.



Don’t be Shy


10. Don’t Be Shy

Don’t be shy when it comes to asking for retweets and favourites. Twitter is like a circle. what goes around comes around.





An excellent opportunity for SMEs in Ireland is this programme offered by Bank of Ireland which allows them to work with small businesses in order to help them maximise Twitter in order to make their business grow.


These ten tips will show you how Twitter can benefit your business and  if exploited correctly and provide people with the correct information about your business, Twitter will help you create awareness around your brand for FREE.


Facebook – Playing ByTheir Rules




For companies trying to create awareness around their brand it is important that they know what they can and can not do in regards to promotion of their product or service through advertising on Facebook and here is a video to show what Facebook have introcued over the past year of what can be done and what can not be done.

Facebook have clamped down on the whole are of competitions on Facebook , before August 2013, if a company wanted to run a competition they had to do so through a third party Application.This is not the case now after Facebook introduced new rules to help business pages to run more promotions form that business page not a personal profile.


According to the Social Media Examiner , Businesses are allowed to;

  • Collect entries by having users post on the page or comment/like a page post
  • Collect entries by having users message the page
  • Utilize likes as a voting mechanism

Also The Hangar give a great  insight in to the new promotion rules of Facebook.

Thumb up hand with like text on button. Isolated on white.


With these rules after coming in Brand pages have been hit hard. Over 100 brand pages, organic reach over 6% which is a decline of 49% from October 2013 to March 2014 . This is a huge drop and brand are suffering because of this as they are investing money into reaching consumers and people on Facebook and these brands are after suffering dramatically since October states Social@Ogilvy . According to Mashable  this move has underlined a frustrating reality for marketers and there is little they can do but adapt to these changes and pay for their advertising in order to still receive coverage on Facebook




From all these findings from various online sources, it is very important for businesses to play by the rules of Facebook because after seeing the dramatical decrease in  in brand pages between October 13 to Feb 14, companies cant afford to lose any more followers or friends on Facebook as this would be money and time wasted for the company.


The Future of Social Media Marketing is Mobile

What is Mobile Marketing?

With more and more people availing of smart phones, the future of Social Media Marketing will focus on targeting Mobile users. In 2013, the American mobile user spent an average of 2 hours and 40 minutes a day on smartphones or any form of portable device. 80% of this time spent on smartphones was dedicated to the use of Applications and the remaining 20% was dedicated to browsing the web.

According to Mashable, Google is tracking your every move!

According to Gartner, which is a worldwide research and advisory company, they gathered information that will show mobile apps being downloaded more than 268 billion times. When you take the worlds population into account,(7.125 Billion) this would show that in 2017, every person in the world would after be downloading 37 Applications each.


With these figures alone, It would be madness not to target mobile users in the future. Smartphones are becoming more and more technological every year with the likes of Samsung and Apple etc. developing existing products to keep up with technology and also bring newer ideas to the world’s Smartphone users.

Narrowing this Applications down to just Facebook and Twitter, it is remarkable how many users access this two social media sites by the means of hand held devices that are portable (e.g Mobile Phones, Tablets etc.). TechCrunch state that over 101 million users of Facebook’s  128 million daily users which amounts to 78% are accessing Facebook through mobile devices.

With Facebook having 78% of its daily user accessing the site through mobile devices, TechCrunch also shows us the statistics on Twitter’s Mobile users and this amounts to a similar figure to Facebook. It stands at  75 percent of its 218.3 million+ monthly active users are accessing the site from mobile devices.

To sign off on saying that Facebook and Twitter are after becoming Mobile and portable Social media sites would be correct to say and other applications will follow and the 37 Applications that each person in the world will have downloaded by 2017 will also be portable and mobile.

Survey: ATM Fees At Record High In America

Crazy stuff

WCCO | CBS Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Consumers are now paying record high ATM fees, according to a new survey by

The average cost for using another bank’s ATM nationwide is $4.35 per transaction.

As for the Twin Cities, the survey shows the area has the nation’s 12th-highest average ATM fee at $4.44

Experts say the fees are an easy way for banks to generate revenue. But, there are ways to avoid the fees if you plan ahead.

One way is to use your bank’s website or mobile phone app to find nearby ATMs. You can also use the get cash back option when you make a purchase at a store.

Overdraft fees and some account maintenance fees were also found to be at record highs.

One good sign from the survey shows that checking fees, which had been moving higher, appear to be stalling. The same is true for the number…

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